Space Derby

General Info

The space derby is a racing event where Cub Scouts race miniature balsa wood gliders that are propelled by a rubber band and propeller.


Each scout receives a kit with the required materials to whittle and shape into their own rocket vision. Shape it, decorate it, and then race it! The great part about this project is that no special woodworking tools are required to build the rocket- the balsa wood can be trimmed down with a hobby knife or potato peeler and then sanded to the desired shape.  It’s a great opportunity for parents to work with their scouts on designing and building a fun rocket that will be raced against others in the Pack! 

Pack 315 reintroduced this event in 2021 and it was a huge hit!
Unfortunately Scouts BSA has since discontinued producing materials for the event, but Pack 315 has inventory and will continue the event as long as possible

Space Derby Rules

The Space Derby rules below must be followed in order for your rocket to pass inspection and be allowed to race.

Official Rules:

Rocket Requirements

In addition to following the official rules, cars must meet this requirements:

2023 Space Derby Assembly Tips.pdf