Pinewood Derby

General Info

The Pinewood Derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars. With an adults’ help, scouts build their own cars using a provided kit.


Scouts receive a kit with a block of wood, four plastic wheels, and four nails for axles. The finished car must use all nine pieces, must not exceed a certain weight, must not exceed a certain width and length, and must fit on the track used by our pack.

Blocks can be whittled with a hand knife, bandsaw, or carving tool. Other than the basic design rules, scouts can carve and decorate their cars as they choose. Cars vary from unfinished blocks to replicas of actual vehicles, allusions to popular movies or characters, or any other place the imagination can design and create. 

The night of the race, scouts get to see their car move in action on a sensitive timed-track. Racing occurs in heats, so each racer gets several opportunities to see his or her car in action. Awards are given out for not only the fastest cars, but also for car design.

Pinewood Derby Rules

The Pinewood Derby rules below must be followed in order for your car to pass inspection and be allowed to race. Some materials such as weights, paints, and graphite are allowed to be used.

There will be a sibling race (11 yrs. old and under). Sibling cars will follow the same rules as the Scouts to qualify to race.

When you arrive on race day, report to the official check in table. The cars will be weighed, measured, and inspected. Once you pass inspection, you will receive your official race number. All cars must pass inspection to qualify for the race. Once the car passes inspection, no more modifications can be made. You may bring tools to make modifications to your car before or during the check-in process to pass inspection.

Award Categories

Scout Awards

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Place - Awards will be given to the top 5 finishing (fastest) Scout Pinewood Derby Cars. 

In addition, judged recognition will be given for the top cars built around the following themes:

Best in Show!- The Pinewood Derby Car which is all-around well put together including the paint, decals, design, and color.

Fan-tastic!  - The Pinewood Derby Car which displays the best design supporting the Scout’s favorite sports team

Happy Camper! – The Pinewood Derby Car that embodies the themes of camping and the outdoors


Speed Racer! – The Pinewood Derby Car that represents the styles of professional auto racing (NASCAR, IndyCar, Dragster, NHRA, etc.)


Hot Wheels! – The Pinewood Derby Car which showcases one’s creativity while using their imagination


Revvved Up! – The Pinewood Derby Car that receives the most vocal support throughout the races


Fast and Famous! – The Pinewood Derby Car that represents famous vehicles or automotive themes in movies or TV shows (Lightning McQueen, Herbie, Knight Rider, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, etc.)


Pit Stop Perfect! – The Pinewood Derby Car which includes the themes of favorite food and drinks

The top 5 fastest cars for the Pack, along with our Best In Show winner, will advance to the District Races!

Sibling Awards

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place - Medals will be given to the top 3 finishing (fastest) Sibling Pinewood Derby Cars.

Participation Award

All racers will receive a participation award for meeting the rule specifications and qualifying for the


Race Results & Awards